Oranges or Orange Juice? – “how to explain to kids”

orange or juice

Let’s squeeze some juice!

When faced with that somewhat confusing question from 5-8 year olds… “what’s healthier for our bodies, eating the orange or drinking the juice?”  I find the best way to support understanding is by creating a fun visual or even better still, getting kids involved in discovering the answer themselves.

I recommend taking a practical approach by cutting up oranges in front of them and using a hand juicer with them to squeeze the juice out into a glass. Show the kids all the left over rind and pulp that gets thrown out (they will be amazed by this stage …especially if you manage to throw some juggling in there!).

When you’re about to throw the pulp out, this is the best time to highlight that the pulp is the most healthy part of the orange (containing our much needed vitamins and minerals) …so what’s healthier?

You will have your kids calling for whole oranges in no time! 

This activity is part of the “Roy Royce: Healthy Food Adventure” a FREE healthy eating resource developed with Nutrition Australia Victorian Division and available at www.royroyce.com.au/resources-health-education


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